If you are a fan of the music streaming service Grooveshark, life just got a little worse for you, because as of yesterday, you will no longer find it in the Android Market. While no specifics were mentioned, we know that Google was forced to pull the app due to a violation in the terms of service and possibly some pressure from record labels.

It hasn't been an easy road for Grooveshark since the beginning, as most record labels feel that it promotes piracy by allowing users to upload and share their own tracks. It was this very accusation that got Grooveshark removed from the iTunes App Store last August.

The natural thought progression on this goes towards the newly-released-and-undeniably-awesome Amazon Cloud Player. We already know that the record labels are not happy with Amazon for releasing Cloud Player without their approval, but putting that aside, I see some key differences between Cloud Player and Grooveshark. First, Amazon doesn't allow you to share your tracks. They are yours, and yours alone. Second, Amazon doesn't host a plethora of tracks that you can stream anytime like Grooveshark does.

It is unfortunate that this is the way things must be, but Grooveshark isn't ready to die just yet. The developer said that they are "investigating alternative methods for distributing the application," which means that they will likely offer the app as a direct download.

Source: CNET via IntoMobile