We don't always write about serious things here at Android Police, so this post is not going to stress your brain or teach you a new trick. Instead, just relax and spend 2 minutes watching this collage posted by Dan Morrill, one of Google's most recognizable Android engineers (actually, he posted it to Picasa, and we took the liberty to export it to YouTube for easier sharing and embedding). All original commentary which makes this collage that much funnier has been preserved - turns out Dan is quite a comedian.

Oh, and if you were wondering why the Honeycomb source still hasn't been released, well... now you know what Google engineers are busy doing all day (I kid, I kid - it's all in good fun!):

I just have 3 questions:

  1. Where can I pick up such a magnificent collection? I only have the 2 plain green ones from last year's Google I/O.
  2. Is "birthening" even a word? I'm having some doubts.
  3. How many of you can boast having more Android figurines than Dan here? If you do, be sure to post up a picture in the comments!

Source: @morrildl, YouTube