The popular Android music player PowerAMP received an update this morning with new features and numerous bug fixes. Take a look at the change log below:

- PowerAMP now has open API for 3rd party developers. Please check PowerAMP site for reference, samples, and complete Widget Pack sources
- PowerAMP now can be moved to SD card. You can still use PowerAMP widgets if you install PowerAMP Standard Widget Pack
- added Dolby/SRS support for HTC Desire HD (and few other HTC phones with Dolby/SRS) (Equalizer => DHD button)
- added song number/total counter (Settings => Look And Feel Tweaks => Show Track Counter)
- auto-advance option for queue (Settings => Auto-Advance Settings)
- PowerAMP now re-shuffles lists on repeat
- playlist/queue reordering can be now toggled on/off via special icon in list headers
- PowerAMP now shows embed lyrics from tags in its Album Art area. API for 3rd party widgets in Album Art is also provided
- better support for Tegra2 (now it’s detected as high-end CPU)

Bug fixes:
- SGS 2.1 SD card mount point restored
- fixed issue with disabled gestures opening album art selection on single press
- improved scrobbling support for official app
- better elapsed time calculation for wma
- fixed issue with storing last file state when playing files from File Managers
- fixed Atrix 4G fingerprint lock screen + PowerAMP Direct Unlock-enabled lock screen

Users of the HTC Inspire and Thunderbolt will get use out of the Dolby/SRS support presumably (both are Desire HD variants), and the new open API allows 3rd party developers to integrate PowerAMP functionality into their own apps. Info on the API (and related downloads) can be found on the PowerAMP forums.

What can your app do with the PowerAMP API? Well, check out this handy list:

Apps utilizing PowerAMP API can:

  • control PowerAMP playing engine
    • start track (file on sd card/external storages, system library media file by ID, folders file by ID), start playing any PowerAMP list (by IDs/category provided)
    • issue next/prev << >> track or next/prev category <<< >>> commands
    • pause/resume/stop
    • seek track
  • change PowerAMP shuffle/repeat modes
  • get current track details
    • title/album/artist/codec/duration/bitrate/etc info
    • album art
    • type, category, category id and file id, other useful flags and details
    • track playing position
  • control PowerAMP equalizer and tone
    • get current preset/eq settings
    • send new eq settings to PowerAMP
    • dynamically change selected band/tone/preamp
  • query and modify PowerAMP database data via content provider (and of course, standard android library can be utilized too)
    • folders
    • files
    • folder playlists
    • eq_presets including per-song/per-output assignments
    • queue
  • add information in PowerAMP Album Art area in main screen (so called AA Widget)
    • can be anything what is supported by RemoteViews, i.e. anything what is possible for home screen app widgets
    • PowerAMP manages multiple AA widgets allowing user to switch between them or close them
    • your app can have events back from your AA widget - the same was as for standard app widgets - via PendingIntents

For current API release, apps can't:

  • query for or change PowerAMP user settings
  • change album art bound to track
  • utilize PowerAMP tag scanner/editor

That's a boatload of potential PowerAMP integration - it'll be interesting to see how developers work this functionality into their own apps, such features could make the already wildly successful music player even more popular.

Poweramp Music Player (Trial)
Poweramp Music Player (Trial)
Developer: Max MP
Price: Free