It has been almost a month since our last bootscreen roundup, so we decided it was time to give you another opportunity to pimp your power up process (I don't normally use the word "pimp", but I just couldn't resist the alliteration). After spending a few hours and literally digging through hundreds of pages, here are five more most kickass boots animations that I could find.

If you have never changed your boot image before, check out our tutorial on the matter.

Android Particles

From the same creator who brought us Smooth Ring the first time around, this is a super-elegant image of Andy appearing from what can only be described as fairy dust. There are a couple of other nice bootscreens in the source thread over at XDA, so make sure to check those out as well.



Halo Reach

This one is for the gamers out there. It's from Halo Reach, and honestly, even if you don't like the game, it is still a pretty sweet animation.

Note: This the only one of the bunch that is a flashable .zip that you'll have to install through recovery. The rest can be installed manually.


[Source Thread, Download Link]

HoneyBee Version 1.1

We featured the Honeycomb bootscreen in the last roundup, but this one is quite a bit different. Personally, I love the way Andy looks in his Honeycomb costume, but the smooth pixel action at the beginning of this animation is what sold me. Check out the video and hit the source link below to download.

[Source, Download Link]

Android Honeycomb Carbon Fiber

Everyone who knows me is aware of my love for minimalism, so this one goes out to all of my like-minded Android brothers and sisters. It reminds me of a Linux desktop loading animation, and it's so clean that leaving it out would have just been cruel and inhuman.


[Source and download links]

Android Particle Ring

Okay, so this one may be cheating since we featured the green one the first go around, but selection is always a plus. Aside form the original green, you can now have this very slick animation in Honeycomb blue and Cyanogenmod cyan. How sweet is that?

preview-green preview-blue preview-cyan

[Source and download links]

...and there you have it - the five best animations that I could find. Of course, the search for perfection is never ending, so if you have an awesome bootscreen, drop us a line and maybe we'll throw it into the next roundup.