Personally, I both love and despise April Fool's day. On one hand, it is a lot of fun, but on the other, it makes me waste entirely too much time trying to see as many jokes as I can and then figure out which stories are real and which ones are not. Alas, such is life, and April 1st will keep coming every year (at least until 2012 :-S), so we'll just roll with it and link the best Android-related trolls of the day.

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If you want to contribute something Mobile-themed (let's not get off-topic here) not already in the list, feel free to post worthy trolls (including source urls) in the comments, and we'll put the best ones up. Again, stick to Android and Mobile, folks!

Here goes.

Cyanogen quits Android

And we're changing our name to


ClockworkMod gets acquired by HTC


Reddit /r/android flips to the dark side

Something is definitely off today at /r/Android/ - can you see what it is?


You will never guess what happened to /r/iphone



Gmail Motion

Gmail now, Android soon?


Paul O'Brien is going to RIM

Blackberry time for MoDaCo founder?


Denny's got your back with a bacon-scented app

It's pretty easy, actually - just rub some bacon on your phone. Or get Danny's new app.


There's an app for that

And believe me when I say it is foolish.


uFool:  April Fool's Day
uFool:  April Fool's Day
Developer: Joseph Jaquinta
Price: Free

Atlassian introduces The Angry Nerds

With a playable game too - it's just a tad less smooth than Angry Birds. Just a tad.


Google loves kittens - and shares that love with Android owners

Google Search "kittens" on your Android device.


Courtesy of @kmobs.

blackmanx announces a 12MP Android 3.2 device

The usually credible Verizon tipster goes overboard with an Android 3.2 device and a whole poem for it.

For those that have waited till the hype hangover abated

Do I have a treat for you….

Cores numbering twice with nary a skin on device

I give you the device that’s pure,

A 12 mp shooter on rear and 2mp in front, it’s clear this device will be the cure…

A High Def Screen will make all your media dreams, seem like they have come true

Data speeds aplenty and SVDO on the platter will let you talk and surf anew…

Skype on deck for all that want to Sextext

Or is it Google video chat you’ll select?

It’s open so you can choose…

A screen that’s massive for widescreen fragments of an OS dipped in Honey…

This device is well worth the money..

When will I have it you ply?

To that a Panda replies….

check the tags my friends..  for this info is akin to that which is most secret

Swype presents Thynk


Big Fish Games introduces the PlayWrite tablet

Who said tablets had to be expensive? [BigFishGames]


Droid-Life has the scoop on the iPhone 5

And it comes with many geebez and wifeez.


AndroidSwag sells out to Apple

What is this aye foun?


HootSuite rips off Angry Birds with... you guessed it - owls

Except they're not angry at all.


After Cyanogen's departure, CyanogenMod goes closed source


TehDuckUberDistro (TDUD) is moving to a closed source model. No need to accept patches.

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