We've all heard that Ice Cream (the next version of Android) is supposed to combine Gingerbread with Honeycomb, but our friends over at Phandroid have gotten the inside track on some additional information, and it looks like Google TV may become part of the bundle as well. While Google TV has gotten off to a rocky start, incorporating it into Android seems like it would be a smart move for Google.

So what does this mean? In all honesty, it could mean a number of things. One thing that I would count on, though, is consistency. All Google devices (TVs, tablets, and phones) would be running off of the same source code and utilizing the same APIs, providing a more streamlined experience. Universal updates would be another huge benefit of combining Android with Google TV; when accompanied with the changes that Google is reportedly making to Android, we could see one update that will get pushed out to all devices.

Could this also bring TV to your phone? More Android Apps to your TV? I guess that's possible, but we really won't know until Google IO 2011, as it is rumored that Google will make the official announcement then.

Source: Phandroid