Among all the awesome (or really bad, depending on your mood) April Fool's jokes today, Google's web form for submitting Android Market copyright infringements towers above all, especially considering it's not a joke, at all. We really doubt that it's intentional because this behavior was present before April 1st arrived to California, and it is mind boggling that something like this would fall through the cracks and get past Google's Quality Assurance. Alas...

Upon submitting the relatively lengthy form that is meant to report copyright violations in the Market, instead of a Thank You message, the [most likely innocent smalltime] copyright holder is presented with the following:


So, imagine that you spent hundreds of hours developing an application and suddenly found that someone ripped it off, stuffed it with ads, and submitted back to the Market. You come to Google to report the violation but instead get slapped in the face. This is pretty much what our tipster, the owner of 2 screensavers that the Go Team is allegedly infringing on, felt like earlier today.

Here are larger versions of the form (left: mine, with some fake information I put in to pass validation and make sure it's not an April Fool's joke; right: our tipster, Terry Welsh):

Update: Turns out it says "crap" even if you don't fill anything out. Go ahead, just press Submit.

image image

And here is the relevant piece of HTML code responsible for this travesty:

<form class="contact_form contact_form_lr_dmca" name="request" id="request" method="post"


onsubmit="return formValidation_lr_dmca(this,'error_msg_lr_dmca');" enctype="multipart/form-data">

Not cool, Google. Not cool at all.