When the Nintendo 64 emulator first came out, many users were overcome with joy - it was the first and only emulator for Android, and nostalgia was overwhelming. However, a short time after, N64oid simply disappeared. Worried threads popped up around the Internet, and with today's disappearance of PSX4Droid, we couldn't help but wonder whether the two incidents are related.

You can breathe easy though - N64oid is safe, at least according to a few people who received responses from the developer regarding the disappearance. The truth is, due to some compatibility and performance complaints, yongzh, the developer, made a decision to pull over into a pit stop and give the app a bit of a tune-up. It'll be back - we'll just have to give him a few weeks.

Oh, and those of you who bought the app will get it back free of charge, together with any updates.

Due to complaints by people that the app was not up to par yet he has taken it off the market for the next couple of months until it can be perfected.

A great number of users are complaining about the compatibility and running performance. Considering the bad ratings, I temporarily unpublished N64oid. I am doing a rewrite of some of the core modules. Don't worry, N64oid will be back much better in a month. And of course you won't have to pay for it again.

Thanks for the understanding! I won't let people down.

The app was not found in the store. :-(

Thanks Damon, Trev186