In a recent interview with Reuters, Gameloft stated that they will be focusing their attention on the Amazon App Store to distribute their games on the Android platform. The company's games are already insanely popular on Android (and iOS, for that matter), despite being actively opposed to Google's Android Market. Their Android offerings have thus far only been available on their website, so their move to a Market isn't so surprising.

Their reasoning for choosing the Amazon App Store? Consumers are already comfortable making payments through Amazon, and it provides a better ecosystem for game distribution. More importantly, though is that Gameloft sees Google's DRM to be wildly inadequate. In the words of Michel Guillemot, Gameloft's Chief Executive:

The Amazon ecosystem is controlled where we don't find too many pirated version of our games or malware games, so for the consumers, it will be a safer place to come and get applications.

Gameloft sees the Amazon App Store as the perfect platform to distribute games on Android, but at this point, they'll just have to hope it catches on and becomes popular - and with the backing of some major developers, it just might.

Source: Reuters