"Do we need yet another weather widget?" you might say, glancing at the title of this post, and while I would usually agree, I am going to urge you to take a look at Aix Weather Widget that came out today. I myself don't even have a weather widget on my homescreen, and frankly, this is the only one so far I have seriously considered adding.

Unlike traditional weather widgets that show max and min temperatures together with some flashy picture of the sun or clouds, the 4x1 Aix Weather Widget actually contains enough data for a full day (for now - a week view may come later). It shows the temperature throughout the day as a chart, with exact conditions marked by little weather icons every 2 hours.

The most useful feature, however, is having solid blue bars that show the minimum amount of rainfall together with the patterned ones that indicate the max. A quick glance on this widget probably provides me with more information about the next 24 hours (the chart actually starts somewhere around the current time - it is not a 00:00-23:59 view) than any other widget in any other weather app.

Combined with the outrageously high price of free, Aix is definitely a winner in my book. Give it a try and feel free to provide feedback to the developer in this reddit thread, if you feel so compelled.

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Aix Weather Widget
Aix Weather Widget
Price: Free