If you've been looking to unlock your HTC Thunderbolt but have been putting it off until a one-click solution springs up, you may start rolling up your sleeves - you've got some downloading to do. dbzfanatic from xda released the first one-click easyroot + S-OFF, which uses AndIRC's lengthy, yet effective, instructions, but wraps them up in one easy to use package. The program runs on Windows and weighs in at over 800MB, so fire up your PCs and get ready for some heavy downloading.

Disclaimer: As always, Android Police, team AndIRC, and dbzfanatic accept no responsibility for any damage to your device, including potential bricking. Proceed at your own risk - in fact, I strongly encourage you to read some of the comments in the easyroot thread first.

Having gotten that out of the way, proceed to grab the download link from the xda forum post and let us know how it goes!

Source: xda, thanks Justin