There are three new promo spots out for the Xperia Play, but have no fear - there are no thumbs in any of these (aside from the ones that would normally be attached to a human hand that is). That doesn't mean these commercials are any more - shall we say - traditional though, as Sony Ericsson has now turned to actress Kristen Schaal (from Flight of the Conchords and Dinner For Schmucks) to promote the gaming abilities of the upcoming "PlayStation Phone" with a quirkiness and dark humor that will likely appeal to many Android fans.

I have to admire a company for taking the unconventional route with an ad campaign. Though it may not really be that big of a risk: while it's possible that more old-fashioned viewers may be turned off by them, those guys probably don't want an Android phone that has a video game controller on it anyway. It's all about knowing your target audience and Sony Ericsson appears to have theirs right in their cross-hairs.


Source: YouTube [1] [2] [3] via Phone Arena