Historically (and generally speaking), Archos' tablet offerings have failed to impress. That may all be about to change, though: the company has unofficially revealed some details about their upcoming Gen 9 tablet, and at least on paper, it looks like quite a doozy.


The Gen 9 will be powered by a 1.6GHz ARM A9 CPU, which is the same underlying processor used in the Apple A5 (iPad 2) CPU, as well as Nvidia's Tegra 2 and upcoming Kal-El CPUs, among others. Apparently the tablet will also come packing up to a 250 GB HD - an awful lot of storage. A 3G radio will also be present and accounted for (although there will likely be a Wi-Fi only model, as well). Most importantly to dedicated Android fans, we'll find the tablet running Honeycomb and with full Market support - something previous Archos tablets have had issues with.

The Gen 9 is slated (pun intended) to land sometime in June with a €400 price-tag.

[Source: Journal du Geek via Engadget]