If you are into custom ROMs at all, it's likely you have heard of MIUI. While its "fruity" UI is a deal-breaker for some, if you use any third-party launcher (LauncherPro, ADW, etc.), you'll find a well-built and speedy alternative to the standard list of ROMs (and you don't have to look at rounded squares all day).


Yesterday, the folks at MIUI Developers gave owners of the Desire HD and EVO 4G a tasty treat - namely, a new version of MIUI based on Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread). The EVO and DHD aren't the only ones lined up for a taste of Gingerbread MIUI, either; on their news page, the developers state that versions for the Droid Incredible, Desire, Milestone, and Nexus One are in the works (in that order). The Nexus One is at the back of the line because of issues surrounding moving full apps to an ext partition of the SD card.

Other than a few bugs with text and the lockscreen, it looks to be running just dandy, so if you are looking to try something new, or if you are already a MIUI fan, hit the download links and get in on the action.

MIUI 1.3.18 2.3.3 for EVO 4G

MIUI 1.3.18 2.3.3 for Desire HD

English Pack for Desire HD