The success that the Angry Birds games have brought to Rovio is stunning, really: the company was reportedly on the verge of bankruptcy when it released the game, and today, revenue is estimated to be between $50 and 70 million annually. It's perhaps no surprise, then, that the company raised $42 million in funding earlier this month, and they enjoyed the luxury of picking and choosing their investors. They even reportedly determined the terms of investment - quite the reversal of roles.

Rovio's valuation is estimated to be over $200 million already, but the company hopes that's merely the beginning. Rovio's Chairman of the Board, Kaj Hed (father of CEO Mikael Hed) says the company is "aiming to be as large as Facebook or Google." That's quite a long way to go, with recent valuations placing Facebook at $75 billion.

Interestingly, fellow gaming company Zynga (of Cityville, Farmville, and Texas HoldEm Poker fame) is valued at a whopping $7 billion. Considering Google was rumored to have dumped $500m into Zynga, it seems a safe bet that Rovio could soon face some competition in the Android Market.

Then again, Rovio's never been shy about their dislike of the Market, and they will be using the Amazon AppStore...