A video of Ville Heijari, a Rovio "Bird Whisperer" (aka representative), showing off the gameplay of the upcoming Angry Birds Rio popped up on YouTube this morning. While the gameplay looks like much of the same kamikaze fowl-smashing action we have come to know and love, there are a few new additions. The evil pigs and stolen eggs are gone, animal poachers are in, and you now have boss fights.

The Rovio employee described the upcoming game as featuring "no eggs, no pigs, but just pure anger." He promises many episodes lined up for 2011, inferring that the game will be continuously updated with new levels.

The changes appear to be largely due to the sequel's tie-in with the upcoming movie Rio from Blue Sky Studios, which is also about birds. Characters from the movie become the bosses in the fights, which appear to involve flinging your birds at a moving target. You can check out the full video below and let us know if this piques your interest:

Source: Pocket Gamer via Droid Gamers