The Netflix app wasn't the only good thing that came out of the LG Revolution system dump posted earlier today by Android Spin - feast your eyes (and your ears) on 13 beautiful wallpapers ripped right out of the Revolution's entrails, together with 31 ringtones and 20 notification sounds.

Having looked and listened to the goodies, I must say - LG did a great job, especially with the last few wallpapers and the 08_Episode.ogg ringtone - for some reason, it's really stuck in my head now and will be making it to my EVO shortly.

To see if the wallpapers are unique or not, I ran some of them through the TinEye image search and came up with nothing (although this one produced a few existing results). Sounds like they're pretty original to me.

Go ahead, grab them all from Android Police mirror servers (direct download links, no need to look at ads or wait 60 seconds):


Source: Android Spin