Have you been salivating over the Motorola XOOM, but holding back from taking the plunge until you have seen what Samsung, LG, and others have to offer in the 10" tab department? You can cross one of those off of the list as Samsung's upcoming slate has been thoroughly taken through the wringers in a full 11 minute video.

There isn't necessarily any groundbreaking information revealed, but seeing the tablet in action for such a lengthy period gave me a much clearer sense of what the tablet will look and feel like. It certainly looks very similar to the XOOM (as we knew it would). While you can't always get an accurate sense from a video, it appears that the disaplay may get a little bit brighter than the XOOM's does (its somewhat dim display has been criticized by some), but that is hard to judge accurately at this point. We would, however, say that it appears to be a worthy rival to the XOOM in every respect. Now let's wait and see about pricing and availability.

Source: AndroidHD via Android Central