A few days ago I previewed an interesting analytics app called Friday which catalogues all the events on your phone into an easily digestible format. Friday generated quite a bit of interest, but due to its alpha status, was invite-only, thus not letting any of you without an invite give it a proper try. After discussing the situation with Friday's developers, we managed to convince them to provide Android Police readers with 50 invites.

If you would like an invite to use the Friday app do the following: on the Friday website, enter your email address. On the next page, in the field that says "why do you want to try out Friday?" input: "AP FOLLOWERS". While we can't guarantee that all of you will receive an invite, Dexetra assured us they would release at least 50 of them to those who use the above code.

So, go read the preview, request access if you like it, and let us know how you find it after using it for a few days.