Are you a Verizon customer who has been waiting (in vain) for the HTC Thunderbolt to arrive, and are tempted to just get an EVO? Maybe you are on AT&T and are fed up with the slow upload speeds on the Inspire and Atrix, and would rather just pick up an EVO Shift? You may be in luck, as Sprint is generously offering a $125 credit for smartphone subscribers who make the switch and port their old numbers to Sprint.

Check out the instructions Sprint posted to get in on the deal:

    1. Find the perfect phone. Shop online now.
    2. Transfer your eligible number to Sprint by 4/16/2011. Doing this online is easy – we'll ask you for your number when you checkout.
    3. Within 72 hours of activating your phone and transferring your number from another carrier, register for the credit

While Sprint's top phones are starting to show a little gray next to the dual-core delights that are already popping up, it's hard to argue that the Wimax-friendly EVO, EVO Shift, and Epic 4G aren't still very near the top of the current smartphone heap. If this is what you have been looking for, head on over to Sprint for the full low-down.

Source: Sprint via Engadget Mobile