If you, like me, are constantly checking what's going on in the world of technology, science, world news, entertainment, gaming, music, and a million other things - on top of social networks like Facebook and Twitter, have I got an app for you. Picture, if you will, an Android app that will aggregate all of these news feeds and your social media streams into a cohesive and, quite frankly, sexy interface. You just imagined My Taptu, my new favorite news reader.

My Taptu's interface is really easy to grasp immediately and adding feeds, modifying the existing feeds, adding your Facebook and Twitter, and sharing all of this information just could not be any easier. Let's take a look:

Here's the first thing you'll see when you open it for the first time:

snap20110311_105359 snap20110311_105418

As you can see, there are several really good feeds already loaded for you. You get three buttons on the top, all your feeds in the middle, and instructions on how to add your Facebook. Let's play around a little bit. I'll add a feed or two, log in with my Facebook, log in with gmail, and check out the feed store:

snap20110311_105713 snap20110311_110201

snap20110311_110227 snap20110311_105509

snap20110311_105613 snap20110311_105536

As you can see, Taptu uses the standard oAuths to integrate feeds from your Google Reader and Facebook. When you open a Facebook post, you have the option of liking or commenting on it (or both), just like any good Facebook app should be able to do. Also, sharing is always an option on any news feed item with that handy "share" button in the top right.

snap20110311_110303 snap20110311_105834

Now, that's all pretty awesome and it all comes in a nice, pretty package. What else can we do? Well, let's say that you have a group of websites you always like to read at the same time. For me, I like seeing posts from Android Police and PPCGeeks at the same time. We can make that happen with the merge feature. We'll just go to the edit page, where we can delete feeds, rearrange them, and merge them:


All you have to do is check the boxes and hit "merge." Easy and simple, is it not?


Now they'll show up in the same feed on my Taptu landing page. You can do that with any number of feeds and make the perfect set of bundles for you.

Overall, this is probably the best news reader I've come across on Android. It looks GORGEOUS, is incredibly smooth, and integrates my social networking on Twitter and Facebook. While it won't be replacing my Facebook and Twitter clients at the moment, Taptu will definitely supplement them well and, for those times Google Reader is a bit...overwhelming (I have over 300 feeds in there. YIKES), this is perfect for me to get the news that's important to me. My Taptu is super free and can be snatched up right here:

The app was not found in the store. :-(