DI.FM fans, in an announcement on Facebook, your favorite radio station just dropped its Android app (previously available as only an off-Market beta) in the Android Market. Being one of such fans - Digitally Imported Premium is one of the few services I pay for monthly - I can tell you that the app is superb - it's clean, well designed, functional, and not over-bloated with features nobody needs.

Besides the obvious music streaming from all of DI's 37 channels, the app offers an ability to set favorite stations, stream using different bitrates when on Wi-Fi or cellular networks, and an ability to log into Premium to experience higher quality music without commercials.

As a Premium subscriber, this is pretty much the only app that lets me utilize my DI subscription on Android, so the choice for me is obvious. Because Digitally Imported broadcasts using Shoutcast, you don't necessarily need this app to play DI's music, but if you listen to DI stations a lot, you will find the app quite perfect. The screenshots below will tell the rest of the story:

image image image image image

Source: Facebook