Remember that new version of Flash we reported on this morning? Yeah, well it's still scheduled to roll out on March 18th - one week from today - but thanks to BBCrackman from My Droid World, you can download a leaked copy of version 10.2 now.


Just as promised, it (finally) includes support for Honeycomb, meaning you can now watch South Park, Conan, or any other Flash video on your XOOM. Artem and I briefly played with it on our XOOMs, but unfortunately, we discovered that the experience wasn't without its flaws - video quality wasn't exactly top-notch, some controls were hard to utilize, and no, Hulu still doesn't work.

On the upside, both of us were able to download, install, and use the APK on our XOOMs even though they weren't running the latest 3.0.1 firmware update.

Update: After receiving the system update to Android 3.0.1, we noticed that performance was drastically improved - video quality was much better, and games didn't stutter once.

As a reminder, Flash 10.2 also brings enhanced performance for multi-core smartphones like the Atrix 4G and the LG Optimus 2X, as well as automatic soft keyboard support and deeper integration with the Android browser rendering engine.


So what are you waiting for? Download away - for your convenience, we uploaded the APK to our own mirror where you don't need to register or wait 60 seconds:

Flash 10.2 In Action

Here are some pictures of XOOM + Flash 10.2 working on and

wm_IMG_8705 wm_IMG_8718 wm_IMG_8721

wm_IMG_8724 wm_IMG_8727 wm_IMG_8728

Source: My Droid World