Fans of the iPhone MIUI should be happy to hear that Beta 1 of MIUI Weather has been released to the public, and can now be downloaded in APK form. It looks every bit as beautiful as what we've come to expect from MIUI, and is done in a style to match other MIUI offerings (namely, the browser, ROM, and clock).


The app does have geolocation, but users need to download different APKs depending on their region - for example, there's an APK specifically for Europe, and there are 5 for the US (broken up alphabetically). Aside from that, the only real "drawback" is that some users may need to manually push a .DB to their device if they're having issues with force closes.


To download, head over to the XDA thread and pick the appropriate country/state. For help and support, you can visit the official MIUI Weather support thread, and for details, check out the MIUI Weather site.

[Source: XDA-Developers]