Some of us noticed today that our Android Market received an OTA update to v2.3.4 sometime last night. Before, when on the main page of the Market, the big 'Featured' section at the top would stay put. Now, we scroll down and - poof! - it vanishes (though, only on the main page and not on Apps/Games/etc pages for some reason).

snap20110310_100828 snap20110310_101041 snap20110310_100843

This got us wondering how many of you have found the new Market change in place. We asked around a little and found we weren't the only ones. In fact, some of you had received it a long time ago.

So let's take it a step further and conduct a poll. Let us know below which category you fall into with your current Android Market (you can check back to see the results as they come in):

Have you gotten the Android Market update that finally makes the giant Featured area at the top disappear when you start scrolling?

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