Say you are shopping for a new car and the dealership that you were sure was going to have the perfect one for you turned up with only lemons? You want to hit up another dealership, but you don't know where to start. Now you can pull out your Android phone, open the new app and find the ideal auto for you. Are you Dealing with a car salesman who swears the one you like is the last on the lot? Open up the app, check the dealer's inventory, and - BAM! - call him on his bluff.

After's iPhone app was downloaded over 871,000 times, the website, which has been around for nearly 13 years, has now issued an equivalent Android app into the Market. The application helps potential buyers find the best deal on a new automobile, featuring a searchable database of dealership addresses and numbers. I found the interface to be very intuitive and it allowed me to go from opening the app to viewing a local dealer's stock within a few seconds.


Several Market reviewers have had problems with the app crashing, but I didn't experience that (and crashes can always be remedied with an update). One seemingly logical feature that was left out was the option to use your current location for a search (it requires a manual entry of a zip code).

Most of us will only shop for a car once every several years (if that), so this obviously isn't an app for everyone at every time. However, having an incredibly easy to use, all-in-one resource for all of your car buying needs is very nice to have on your Android phone during those times when you are auto-hunting. You can get behind the wheel of for free in the Market (links below).

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Source: PR Newswire