At the leading edge of this new wave of dual-core superphones is the Motorola Atrix. One of the major innovations of this device, besides the next-level processing power and fingerprint scanner, is Webtop - the desktop-style interface available when the Atrix is docked. By plugging into the HD multimedia or laptop dock (sold separately of course), you can interact with the phone on a larger display while using an internet browser, file explorer and Facebook in a pseudo-desktop environment.


While the feature is pretty nifty, the price tag isn't. The cost of the docks may have come down since the release of the Atrix, but $400 for the laptop version is still prohibitively expensive for some. Thanks to XDA user Fenny, you can now satisfy your desire for the newest features and keep your inner cheapskate happy.

Root no longer required for this to work!

Yesterday, Fenny posted modified versions of APKs used for initiating Webtop when the phone is docked. By pushing these files to a rooted and deodexed Atrix (root and deodex no longer required), users can run Webtop through a standard HDMI connection. This allows owners to check out the new software without having to drop a wad of cash for the new hardware, which is always a good thing.

XDA-Developers via Engadget