HTC took some flak by some during Mobile World Conference for showcasing a 7", single core, Gingerbread running tablet while all the other big dogs were fighting over who has the best 10", dual-core, Honeycomb-running monster. With the tablet market looking more and more like it will soon be the iPad 2 vs. three nearly identical Android competitors, I find HTC's decision to go in an entirely different direction refreshing and was therefore curious about Carrypad's recent hands-on with the slate.

One aspect of the stylus technology that was spotlighted in the site's hands-on was "palm rejection," which is the ability of the touchscreen to not react to one's hand while scribbling away with a stylus. A slate with good palm rejection will allow the user to rest his second hand on the screen while taking notes, while a tab with poor palm rejection will respond to the hand and muck up the penmanship. Based on the video below, it looks like the Flyer's palm rejection is in very good shape at this point, with the tab remaining completely unresponsive to other touch input while the stylus is doing its thing.

The release date and pricing for the Flyer are still unknown, though speculation is that the wait will still be another couple of months. With the smaller display, single core 1.5GHz CPU, and Gingerbread at launch, how much would you consider paying for the Flyer when larger tabs like the XOOM, Galaxy Tab 10.1 and G-Slate loom on the horizon? We would love to hear about it in the comments.

Source: Carrypad via Slashgear