On Wednesday night, NVIDIA confirmed a rumour that had been swirling around for the last few days. According to a presentation they gave and attended by the folks at ITProPortal, NVIDIA's dual core Tegra 2 chipset is powering three major handsets right now: the Motorola Atrix, the LG Optimus 2X, and the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S II.

Samsung Galaxy sII

When first announced, the Galaxy S II was said to be packing the Exynos, Samsung's own SoC. Now it is clear that they will be releasing two versions of the new device, either with their Exynos Chipset or NVIDIA's. ITProPortal speculates that Samsung is doing this to boost the number of handsets that can be moved to market, as production of the Exynos is still ramping up.

This isn't a surprising move, given that Samsung has previously released multiple hardware version's of a device when faced with supply shortages. For those in the US or UK who picked up a Nexus S, it came with the Super AMOLED display present in previous Galaxy S phones. For those in many other countries it came with the S-LCD screen to help conserve Samsung's reserve of the AMOLED screens. Like the Nexus S, Samsung will keep the different versions of the Galaxy S II confined to different regions to avoid confusion.

To be honest, I wouldn't complain about getting either version of this phone. Both of these new chipsets make my current phone look like a calculator, so I wait with bated breath to see which version comes to my hometown.

Source: ITProPortal via: Electronista