Google Maps for Android was updated to version 5.2 today, and the influence of mobile check-in services is becoming more and more apparent with the addition of four social location features.

While v5.1 added Latitude check-in functionality, Maps v5.2 brings the ability to post reviews of places to Twitter. Additionally, Google Latitude friends can now be pinged, beckoning them to check-in where you would like them to be (they will then receive a 'request'). In case you need a little inspiration for your next destination, the update also lets you search for a place to check-in from Latitude. Finally, Maps v5.2 allows you to explore hotspots in your area.

Google is obviously trying to hop on board the mobile check-in train, but are they stuck playing catch-up at this point? Will you use Google Maps for checking in? Let us know in the comments.


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Source: Droid-life