While most Android users don't likely spend a lot of time thinking about what's going on in RIM's land of Blackberry, it has been revealed that one of the popular smartphones' mainstay features, Blackberry Messenger, will be coming to Android and iOS. The popular chat service known for its speed, conversation threads, and easy PIN contact transfer will most likely arrive later this year.

Up to this point, Blackberry Messenger has been a closed service, only available on Blackberry phones. Some found opening it up to other platforms to be a confusing business decision by RIM, as BBM has been one of the perks that has kept many of their customers from migrating to a rival OS like Android, but RIM will apparently hold back some key features like picture and video transfer only for customers on their phones.

With a variety of chat applications already available for Android, this could easily be dismissed as just another thrown into the mix. However, BBM has a huge following of Blackberry customers who, up to this point, were not able to use their native chat client to communicate with Android users.


Source: BGR