Following an eerie silence regarding the Wi-Fi-only version of the Motorola XOOM after the launch of the Verizon model last week, we heard that it would (at some point) sell for £449.9 in the UK. How quickly things change: it now appears, in a new listing on PC World, that the price has been jacked up to £499.99. Pre-orders are now a go at the UK site, and they promise an availability date of "the first week of April."

Only UK customers can reserve their XOOM now, as we attempted to order from the US, and under the country code option, the only possible entry was "United Kingdom" (no surprise there). However, this news bodes well for those elsewhere who were concerned about a lengthy delay, such as that seen with the still non-existent Wi-Fi-only Galaxy Tab.

MOTOROLA Xoom Internet Tablet - Now available for pre-order at cheap prices - PC World

Our UK friends can hit up the source link to secure their Wi-Fi XOOM, and many of us elsewhere that have been holding out for the carrier-free version of Google's flagship tablet can mark our calendars for April. Will you be picking one up now that it appears that we will have a cheaper option than the $800 Verizon model? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: PC World