Google Body, the Google Earth-style anatomy app announced at February's Honeycomb event, has finally hit the market. After spending the month as a web app, owners of a shiny new Honeycomb tablet can glide through skin, muscle, bone, organs, veins and nerves with the swipe of a finger.

Note: Yesterday, Google published Google Body and then almost immediately pulled it for an unknown reason before we even got a chance to announce it. Today, it seems like the app is finally available again.

image image image

Those lucky ones of you who get to play with the app may notice there is only a rendering of the female anatomy for perusing. On the Google Body market page, Google assures us that a male model is on the way. That shouldn't deter you though - this is a great app, so fire up those proper palmar digital branch median nerves.

Download Google Body

The app was not found in the store. :-(