We now have yet another reason to rot in front of our televisions: Google will be expanding their Market to include its experimental television platform, Google TV. Ashish Arora, Product Manager of Google TV at Logtitech, broke the news at OTTCon on Tuesday.

“It will happen shortly.” said Arora during a panel discussion. “It’s a given that it will happen this year, 100 percent. We’re talking about a very short term.” Arora hopes the Market will bring about some ambitious ideas into its television sets. "It won't just be weather apps," he said. "What will be really interesting will be to tie the content to what you're watching." Cisco has begun to experiment with such tie-ins, toying with the ability to “live tweet” during broadcasts.

Google’s curtness to release the Market for its television sets can possibly be attributed to the lukewarm reception it’s received - Google’s television venture simply hasn’t made an impact with either consumers or content providers. The power of the market may be able to charm more people to purchase Google’s box, but with with support from television stations still bare, I personally don’t see this one giving Google TV enough traction to shake the industry.

Source: Gear Live via Android Community