While we Android users seldom admit to jealousy of any kind when it comes to iPhones, one of the more popular games for iOS, Cut The Rope, can really turn us green with envy. Back in October, we pined to have an Android version and were given a vague hint from the developer that it would be coming eventually. That day may be finally approaching soon, as it was revealed on developer ZeptoLab's Twitter account today that the incredibly fun game is headed to Android.

The clever puzzler involves cutting ropes, blowing bubbles, and other tasks in order to deliver candy to a cute little monster named Om Nom. The iOS version utilizes a physics engine and is presented with HD visuals. Judging by the YouTube clip that was included, we would say the Android version would include the same:

We will be sure to keep you posted as we learn more (release dates, pricing).

Source: YouTube via @zeptolab. Thanks @adaamwalsh!