This is the newest in our Weekend Poll series. For last week's, see Can The Amazon Appstore Succeed Against The Android Market?

I'm taking a deceptive turn with this weekend's poll, and... well, not polling. Not in the traditional sense, anyway. Rather than have the usual pick-an-option-and-hit-vote poll, I'm doing a vocal poll via the comments.

Here's the deal: We'd like to know what your three favorite non-Google apps are. If it's relevant, be sure to include details (as needed) such as your device, whether you're rooted, or why the app is your favorite. What you don't need to do is include market links, QR codes, and the like. The more responses we get here, the better.

I'll start the list off:

  • DoubleTwist + AirSync (music player)
  • Wireless Tether
  • Chrome2Phone

There are a number of apps I can't live without any given moment, but most of the time that's temporary (for example, games - once I beat them a few times, I stop playing). The ones listed above I use on a regular, permanent basis.

Assuming we get enough responses, I'll go through and compile a list of every app mentioned, then do a rundown next weekend of the top 10 and highlight any relevant details people point out.

So what are you waiting for? Take a minute to head down to the comments and drop us a line, then spread the word; as I said above, more responses will yield a better result.

Update: Loving the responses everyone, keep 'em coming!