Just as promised, AT&T unleashed the Froyo update for the HTC Aria today. They provided a link to HTC's official download site, complete with instructions for applying the update and a warning that application will result in a hard reset of your phone. The mandatory reset does seem like a great idea, as the issues that plagued the Epic Froyo update were reportedly solved via a hard reset.

ATT Facebook

There hasn't been any word of major issues with the update - in fact, some users are praising it on AT&T's Facebook page, though this may be due to the small number of people who have actually gotten their hands on it. Aria users can only obtain the update by downloading it, as there is no OTA option at the moment. The download link was posted to AT&T's wall about three hours ago, and I currently have 3 hours left on my test download. No doubt there was a ravenous flood of requests at first, so if you are looking to get in on the Froyo action, patience may help you avoid waiting-induced rage.

You have to admit it is commendable of HTC to bring such a big update to a phone that isn't one of their flagship devices. If the Aria is any indication, I'm thinking Gingerbread by spring may not be so crazy.

Source: AT&T