The time for Froyo has finally come for Dell's first Android device - and I'm sure all 12 US and Canadian Streak owners jumping for joy. Dell announced today that it has begun a rollout of the long-awaited bump to Android 2.2 for its tablet-phone in North America, dragging only a few months behind its UK counterpart. The update, to be clear, is an OTA. The Dell release suggests rebooting your phone will detect the update if the rollout has reached you.

Dell originally promised the update before December 31st of 2010, so that makes this update nearly two months overdue. That kind of track record doesn't exactly engender warm and fuzzy feelings from customers, and will probably dissuade a lot of would-be buyers from Dell hardware until the company proves it can tackle software updates in a responsible manner.

Dell's Streak 7 has been maligned for (amongst other things) the fact that it is running Froyo, and will be competing against a hive of Honeycomb-touting tablets set to be released this year. While Dell has said it will update the super-sized Streak 7 to Honeycomb at some point, its handling of this Streak 5 update should be cause for concern across its entire Android product line.

That said, better late than never.

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