Ah yes, Android 2.2 (build number EB13) for the Epic 4G is finally here. Well actually, that's not quite accurate if you're waiting for the official OTA rollout - which won't start until 9:00 p.m. PST - but if you're willing to flash the update as a ROM, you can have it now.

In addition to all the usual Froyo goodies, EB13 brings GPS enhancements, "user friendly" tethering for 3G and 4G, and TouchWiz 3.0 (you can get the full rundown here). Sprint will be rolling the update out in stages, with all Epic 4Gs running Froyo within four days.

Screw that, though - here's how you can obtain the update immediately:

  1. Download the update from Samsung. Hint: Just download the Mac version, even if you have a PC. The file you download will be the update.zip.
  2. Move the update.zip file to your SD card (instructions).
  3. Turn off your phone.
  4. Hold the Volume Down and Camera buttons, then press the power button.
  5. The update should automatically launch itself. Sit back and relax.
  6. Reboot the phone.


    (P.S. Nexus S users, please try to refrain from rubbing your fancy Gingerbread OS in Epic 4G owners' faces.)

    Update: EB13 has already been rooted - head over to the Android Central Forums for complete instructions.

    Sources: Sprint, Android Central