So, as you can see, I'm quite excited about AirAttack HD. Now multiply it by 10, and you'll get to the level of my fascination about how polished everything is in this game. Created by Art In Games, AirAttack HD came to Android a few days ago without much fanfare, but didn't have any trouble reserving a spot in our weekly roundup.

However, it wasn't until an hour ago that I finally got to try it out, and let me tell you, every single little thing about this game is top notch. Cream of the crop. Perhaps it's the relatively low expectations that Android games have been setting in the past, but I am here to tell you that the bar has been raised and set firmly so high that I am prepared to call AirAttack HD the overall best Android game created to date.

That's right, I went there.

There is only one temporary blemish on an otherwise perfect package - only the Lite version has been released so far, with 2 missions, 16 different enemy types, 2 planes, and movie-quality music. Don't fret - the full version is coming in March, with 9 missions, 3 planes, and 64 types of enemies.

Even with what the Lite version had to offer, I was sold. Real-time 3D graphics, destructible buildings, numerous weapon and plane upgrades, and did I mention the music? The minute I started playing, I thought one of my Daft Punk Tron Legacy soundtrack songs came on. It's an immersive experience.

For control freaks (ha), there are, count them, 4 different methods of moving the plane around, which should satisfy just about everyone:

  • touch
  • relative touch
  • joypad
  • tilt

Alright, enough with this rant. Have a look at the screenshots and the video shot on an iOS device (it looks just as good, if not better on Android), and proceed to the download links ASAP:

image image

Grab your helmets, strap in, and get ready for the barrel rolls. And when you're done, come back and report in with your impressions.

AirAttack HD Lite

AirAttack HD Lite
AirAttack HD Lite
Developer: Art In Games
Price: Free