The Shack has officially announced the Atrix launch details via their Facebook page. The skinny: it lands in the store on February 22 for $150 with a new  qualified 2-year plan. If you buy the dock at the same time, you can get it for $330, at a total cost of $480 - or $20 less than you'll pay at AT&T. I'm not looking to beat a dead horse on whether or not that price is too much, so I'm going to skip straight to the deetz:

The device is equipped with features that will blow you away:

  • MOTOBLUR with Android 2.2 Operating System
  • Adobe Flash 10
  • 5.0 Megapixel camera with 720p video capture
  • 4”"qHD Display with Touchscreen
  • 1GHz dual core processor that outputs 2x 1GHz of processing speed and 1GB of RAM
  • 4G capable speeds

The ATRIX blurs the line between smartphone and computer with the MOTOROLA LAPDOCK, available in select stores for $479.99*

  • The MOTOROLA LAPDOCK gives you a full Firefox browser and access to web apps just like on a PC. No hard drive and no separate data connection or contract needed.
  • Together, the ATRIX 4G and Laptop Dock are thinner and lighter than standard laptops and netbooks with a backlit 11.6” screen, a full-size keyboard, and enough battery life for up to six hours of connected browsing.

Interested in getting both the ATRIX and the MOTOROLA LAPDOCK? You can purchase both together, the ATRIX for $149.99 activated and the laptop dock at a special price of $329.99. That’s $150 in savings!

Yeah, RadioShack, Motoblur + Froyo will definitely blow people away.

[Source: The Shack - Facebook]