Having your phone model supported by CyanogenMod's community is quite an honor nowadays, and for many people it's a deciding factor when picking up a new phone. CM usually stays ahead of the curve and is likely to support your phone well after manufacturers and carriers stop showing any interest.

Therefore, ZTE Blade/Orange San Francisco owners should be feeling quite ecstatic right now, as the world's largest ROM community announced its official support of this device (see Cyanogen's commit here).


There are no final builds just yet, but you are free to download and flash the CM7 Release Candidate from here. Nightly builds should start showing up there shortly as well.

Further discussion about CyanogenMod on the Blade should happen in the official ZTE Blade CM forums right here (specifically, go say hello in this welcome thread).

Congratulations, Bladers!

Source: CM Forums

Thanks @kinesthesia