Last week our friends at WireFly unboxed the HTC Thunderbolt, but spent little time actually using the device. They left us with a few tantalizing tidbits though, saying "this phone cranks," and promising a full video review, as well as head-to-head comparisons with the iPhone 4 and the EVO 4G. Yesterday, the last of the three videos went up - let's take a look.

Video Review

The review video is just over 8 minutes long. The first few minutes are spent running through the system, and from the 4:10 mark onwards, they run some benchmarks and compare the scores to other devices. The Thunderbolt certainly holds its own, doing quite well in most benchmarks, although he does point out it lags behind the Hummingbird found in the Galaxy S devices in gaming tests.

Head-To-Head: HTC EVO 4G

At  nearly 14 minutes, our reviewer gives quite an in-depth look at both devices, and comes away impressed. As with the review, he runs both devices through a suite of benchmarks, and the Thunderbolt comes out a clear winner - it manages a Quadrant score of nearly 2000, compared to the EVO at roughly 1120 stock.

Although both are great phones and our reviewer would have no reservations about recommending both, he dubs the Thunderbolt the better of the two.

Head-To-Head: Verizon iPhone 4

Much like the EVO H2H, the iPhone H2H is exhaustive at just over 18 minutes. Ultimately, he points out that both devices are excellent, and that each has its own strengths. His conclusion: the iPhone is better for some people, but ultimately, his personal choice is the Thunderbolt.

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