The open-endedness - particularly, the customizability - of Android is exactly what makes me love it so much. And Make Your Clock Widget is a perfect example of that, offering seemingly infinite possibilities for what you can create. Don't believe me? Take a look at the sample screenshots:

sample1 sample2

sample3 sample4

Intrigued, I took a few minutes to play with it, and came away hugely impressed (note: I didn't include a picture of my final clock because... well, I made a goofy clock just playing around with the app.)

snap20110215_094616 snap20110215_094646 snap20110215_094708 snap20110215_094717

You can add the date and time in nearly any fashion or format you can think of - there are tons of options available. Once you pick what you want, you can tweak the formatting, style, and location.

snap20110215_094724 snap20110215_094743 snap20110215_094847 snap20110215_094856

I'm not kidding. Check that out - that's a clock in Roman numerals. Why anyone would ever want or need that, I don't know - but that's sort of my point: if you can dream it, you can probably do it with Make Your Clock. Once you've worked out your layout, your choices are a bit like a Daft Punk song: save it, share it, view it, trash it, or tweak it.

Whether you're a hard-core custom themer or just an average user looking to juice up your clock, look no further than Make Your Clock Widget; it trumps nearly every custom clock widget out there. That said, this is still in beta, so there are bound to be a few bugs lurking about (although I encountered none in my short time with it, and the market reviews are extremely positive so far).

Head on over to the Market to download it for free, check out the official site for a six-minute How-To video, or click the XDA link below to leave some feedback or ask questions.

Official description:

Make your very own clock widget design. Ultimate solution for all home screen modders.

You can create either minimalistic text-based or full features text based clock by yourself.

If you have a Taskmanager/Task Killer running please exclude/uninstall. They make your phone unstable.

Supported sizes:
- 1x1, 1x2, 2x1, 2x2, 3x1,3x2, 4x1, 4x2

Editor features:
- Textsize
- Textcolor

Widget features:
- Single Tap to start App
- Disable Tap

Similar apps:
- SiMi Clock Widget
- TypoClock (aka Typographic Clock)
- Clockr
- BattStatt
- Beautiful Widgets
- OneSeven

PLEASE! If you have problems or a question send me an Email.

Features coming soon:
- world clock
- weather widget
- battery widget
- lunar phases widget

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