Google's newest Android creation is not a 4-dimensional map or a death ray - it's much more light-hearted and is aimed at the versatile and passionate Android community. Absolutely quietly and without any fanfare, Google in collaboration with Larva Labs today launched a new Android application called Androidify.

Androidify allows you to create a completely custom Android avatar and then save it as a picture, set as a contact photo, share on twitter or via email, and do pretty much anything else you want with the new mini-you. You can stretch the legs, hands, body, and head to any size, then dress your future best friend into pants, hats, shirts, shoes, etc of your choice, give it a new do, change the skin and hair color, and then save it into your collection.

Here is what I came up with on my first 2 tries:

image snap20110214_005738

Those who don't feel like fiddling with the settings and just want to get a quick start will find the Randomize button very useful. A single press, and you have a brand new, completely random avatar to start customizing. In fact, this button is kind of addicting - once you start pressing it, it's hard to stop.

Here are some pictures of the creation process as well as more randomness I came up with:

snap20110214_001713 snap20110214_002721 snap20110214_005614

snap20110214_005738 snap20110214_005757 snap20110214_005801

snap20110214_005805 snap20110214_005809 snap20110214_005813

snap20110214_005817 snap20110214_005832 snap20110214_005839

Official video from Google as well as the download links are below:

Download Androidify

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

So, what can you come up with? Show us your creations in the comments.

Source: Androidify