This is the newest in our Weekend Poll series. For last week's, see The Great Divide: Is The Tablet/Phone Split Going To Hurt Android?

It's official: Nokia and Microsoft have formed a strategic alliance. Which, in layman's terms, means Nokia smartphones will be powered by Windows Phone 7, and search across all Nokia devices will be powered by Bing. What does this mean for Android, though?

Well, who knows. On the one hand, this is a move by Nokia to try to stop hemorrhaging customers, especially from the highly profitable smartphone segment. But it may already be too late; they've already given up an awful lot of ground. And Windows Phone as an OS has lost many of its customers to Android. But is it too late?

Maybe not. Microsoft and Nokia are still both massive companies with a huge amount of influence and the money to do some serious marketing. Nokia may have lost its way in software, but it's always been pretty good at putting out solid hardware. And based on reviews, Windows Phone 7 has serious potential as a contender.

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Is The Nokia/Microsoft Alliance A Threat To Android?

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