Earlier this week, BBC teased us with some delicious news of the official iPlayer app for Android arriving later in the week. The app lets UK residents watch TV, listen to the radio, manipulate their favorites, and look up schedules of TV programs. Oh yeah, and it just went live in the UK Android Market.

Watch and listen to BBC TV and Radio programmes from the last 7 days

BBC TV and Radio programmes now on Android. Watch and listen live, or choose your favourites from over 400 hours programming from the last 7 days.
- Watch live TV
- Listen to live radio
- Scroll through and find Featured and Most Popular programmes
- Add programmes to your favourites and have them ready and waiting when a new episode or series is available
- Browse through the schedule for upcoming programmes

Sounds good, right? Top Gear on my phone anywhere I go... errrr, nope - the app only works on Wi-Fi. Not on 3G, not on 4G, not even on 5G or 6G - just Wi-Fi, and on top of that only in the UK (no surprise there though).

Disappointed Android users who are downloading the app are currently staging a bit of a revolt in the Market comment section over the 3G fiasco, which, to be honest, is all too familiar to us.

image image

Yup, no love for those of us not in the UK (left) | No love from 3G lovers (right)

If inability to stream over 3G doesn't scare you, proceed to the iPlayer screenshots and download links below.


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QR code for https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=bbc.iplayer.android

Android Market link

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