AT&T’s announced pricing for the Motorola Atrix Laptop Dock left much of the community scratching their heads. $500 for a gutless laptop? Though the docking capability is innovative, many were put off and vocal of steering clear of the Atrix altogether. Forbes reached out to AT&T for some commenting and were delivered this message from VP Mike Woodward:

“With all the integration between the phone and the dock, you can do more on an Atrix than you can on a netbook,” Woodward explained. “Other devices that try to do this just give you ‘mirror mode.’”


I’d like to point out that the laptop dock is entirely dependent on the Atrix for function. There are no real moving parts. There is no processor on the laptop dock. No RAM. No hard drive.

AT&T’s required plans for the dock also leave a bad taste in the mouth. Those who purchase the dock from AT&T must sign on for two years with a DataPro Tethering plan, which has a meager 4GB download limit and will cost $45 a month.

AT&T seems confident its subscribers will take the Atrix phone and dock combo for $500 over other viable options such as netbooks and tablets, which are priced around the same amount and don’t require a phone to use. It’s a gutsy situation, and consumers will get the chance to vote with their wallets upon release.

Source: Phandroid via Electronista