Verizon is about to add another card to its deck - at the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona, the carrier intends to announce VoLTE, which will enable voice calls to be routed over their fancy new LTE network. This opens the door for simultaneous voice and data usage, a feature AT&T customers have been bragging about for ages now. Additional benefits include superior call quality between VoLTE-enabled phones, though legacy 3G users will be left behind with no improved call clarity. Also in tow is video and text over LTE, with Verizon and Skype partnering up to provide conference calling opportunity to users.

Despite the soon-to-launch HTC Thunderbolt having the capability for simultaneous voice and data usage over 3G, Verizon won't be pushing the feature as a major selling point until the launch of the LG Revolution, which will be VoLTE's first inductee. No word yet on pricing - hopefully we'll find out more about that at MWC in Spain.

Source: CNN via Phandroid