Remember the 15-second preview of Motorola's XOOM Super Bowl commercial that was leaked online a few days ago? Guess what - it's Super Bowl Sunday, the ad just aired in front of millions of people, and Moto immediately released the whole thing on YouTube, so that those of us who missed it could inspect just what exactly Moto's creative genius has been up to lately.

Unsurprisingly, the ad's 1984 theme (remember the teaser?) continues to implicitly take silent jabs at Apple, introducing the XOOM as "the tablet to create a better world."

So, does the full 1 minute ad impress or has Motorola failed to showcase the product properly? I, for one, won't be needing a forklift to pick up my jaw from the floor, and no napkins will be required to wipe drool off my face, although I thought placing those familiar white earbuds in the love interest's ears was quite witty. How about you?

Were you impressed by Motorola's XOOM Super Bowl commercial?

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Source: ShareMoto